The search for Dirty Thirty

I’m currently, as I type this, 19 days away from turning 30. Thirty. The big THREE – ZERO. Officially joining the Dirty 30’s club.

Most of my mates are thirty. Most of them are married, or have a long term girlfriend. Most of them have kids. Most have a house. A mortgage. Home and contents insurance. Private health insurance. Car Insurance. A savings account.. with savings. A term deposit account. An offset account. Perhaps some even have stocks. Or maybe even a stock portfolio, whatever the hell that is. Most have a graduate degree. A Diploma. A trade. A career. Or career aspirations.

My father had ALL the aforementioned things by the time he was 25. TWENTY-FIVE!!? (OK I’m pretty sure I just made this age up. I’m also pretty sure that it was more like 22). But I do wonder, if he was still here, if he’d just look at me now and just shake his head. Actually, I don’t really wonder. I know. That’s exactly what he would do.. Followed promptly with a swift left hook to the side of my head.

I, on the other hand, 19 days away from turning 30, have none of these things. Well except for car insurance, which i signed up to full comprehensive recently. Not by choice, but more from necessity, as I recently rammed into the back of another car.. awesome…. And I do have a job. And a relatively well paying job. I work in sales. And I do OK. But i’ m not exactly setting the world on fire as I once imagined when I was say twenty. Oh twenty. What a lovely precarious age. If only I could return to the naive bliss of being twenty, where the only thing worth worrying about was whether we had enough cigarettes to make a mix.

But not all is lost. Thirty; whilst most have settled and are secure in life, is still relatively young enough to make some changes. And just maybe, it’s a little bit easier, as now I have a fairly strong idea on what I like and what I don’t like. Am relatively financially secure. Well more so than say when I graduated from high school, when my income consisted of stealing coins out my old man’s car so I could purchase and go smoke a couple of cones. And I don’t have a significant other. Or a child. Or a significant other with a child. So I’m relatively free to make some drastic changes without affecting too many other people.

This search for something new all started a couple of years ago when I had an unfortunate accident that left me next to dead and in a coma for 17 days. (I’ll save discussing this incident for another time). Hence the 2point0 tag. The apparent second coming. The new Life. The second chance. But 2 years after the incident, nothing has really changed. and I’m still searching.

So this is the reason why I’m publishing this blog. To ramble on about life in hope that all this incoherent rambling may lead me to something more worthwhile. Because if its actually about the marriage, the kids, the house, the mortgage, the life insurance, the offset account, the stock portfolio, whatever the hell that is.. Well.. Then you can shoot me in the face right now. But hopefully sharing this journey will lead me to something new. Something better. And I can actually live up to the 2.0 moniker.

And maybe, but most importantly, if my dad was still here, he wouldn’t feel the need to give me a left hook to the face anymore. Or at the very least..

I’d be able to duck it and counter with an overhand right.