The walk of shame

They call it the walk of shame. But if that was actually the case, then why is it.. do we actually always strut?  Granted, some walks are indeed pretty shameful. But if it was actually pretty good. Then the walk of shame, really, is the polar opposite from the truth.

It should really be called “the gait of honour”. Sure. You look terrible.  You’re seedy. Your breath stinks. You smell of sin. But there is a sense of pride that goes hand in hand with a walk of shame. It’s an accomplishment. Similar to say.. climbing Everest. Or finishing a marathon. You went out. Had a goal. Proverbially and figuratively, smashed that goal. And this is your lap of honour. Take a bow son. Take a bow.

There’s also that feeling. That every passer by you come across, knows what you’ve done. They all have the same look on their face “Oh. Look at you. Crinkly clothes. Messy hair. What have you been doing mister? Someone’s been a bad boy ;)”

Or maybe.. You really just look like a seedy fuck. With an air of disillusioned entitlement, because you were able to con some drunken girl to actually take your drunk ass home with her. And in reality, no one knows what the fuck you’ve done. Youre just the stinky guy in the corner of the tram.

And this is why it’s shameful. It’s not because you got lucky the previous evening. Its because you’re a seedy smelly fuck trying to get home. You may as well be a junkie. Shameful. Bow your head son. Bow your head.

2 thoughts on “The walk of shame

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    • Brilliant. Granted a ladies walk of shame would be much worse. But, unfortunately guys ( well real guys) don’t have the luxury of carrying a handbag to carry male version of the walk of shame kit. When we go out prowling, we can only hope for a couple of things… 1/ the girl you con, agrees to come back to your place (best case scenario), thus passing the walk onto her… or.. 2/ the girl you con into bringing you home with her, has 2 things. A) mouthwash. And 2) deodorant. (Preferably of the spray on variety. Roll-on may do. All depends on how shameful the walk (girl) is….)


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