Update 2.0

The latest update on thirty-five minutes. And an update, on the update, PB. (which, by the way, stood for personal best… not potential blowout)

Yeah I still haven’t broken it. But, I have come excruciatingly close… How close? This close in fact..


Yep. Six seconds.Six fucking seconds. Wait. no. 7 seconds to be exact. I’m pretty sure if I’m bang on 35 minutes, Dennis will get me on some sort of technicality – “Oh I said break 35 minutes”. Yeah, hes actually a dick like that..

This was tonight. And included a toilet stop, 2 sets of lights that wouldn’t fucking turn green, and a dick riding his pushie on the sidewalk, that wouldn’t get the fuck out of the way.. Why didn’t I go to the toilet before the run? Who fuckin knows? It just all adds to the frustration of being six seconds off. Oh wait. Seven seconds.

And I realize I said, that I wouldn’t post another entry until I’ve broken this stupid 35 minute mark. I haven’t published anything In over a month, and I’m fairly certain that my legion of readers are becoming dreary. But thankfully, I actually don’t care anymore. This was close enough. Meal or no meal at my beloved Village Belle/Doulton, I’ve decided the pointless dribble shall continue..

Speaking of my beloved Village Belle/Doulton, I hadn’t been there in a while. Probably not since I wrote my last entry. Mainly because the footy is over, and now its just creepy if I go there on my own. However, I did go there on Saturday night, and lo and behold, a new bevy of barmaids are now working behind the bar.. Granted, there’s no more wifey. But there is a fresh batch of British girls to fall in love with. I was certain that the girls from last summer would return after they went on their fruit picking hiatus. But hey, new is good..

Hmmm.. Perhaps I do need to break 35 minutes, so I can claim my all expense paid meal from Dennis. He actually tried to weasel out of this tonight. Probably after seeing how close I am, he claimed that he said, he would shout me nachos. nachos?? nah uh Dennis. ALL expense paid meal. Its published and is now written in lore. Surely you can’t lie to my legion of followers.. (12 followers to be exact. And I’m pretty sure one of them is my mum).